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Room Request and Reservation Test

Please include all of the following information when submitting a request.  If you have questions please email and ask BEFORE submitting your request. 

Fields marked with an * are required and your reservation will not be processed without that information. 


If not an Engineering Unit, please state the official name of the sponsoring organization.

Open date picker
*Popup calendar appears at top of page

Please include set-up time.
Please include clean up time.
Open date picker
*Popup calendar appears at top of page

Example: number of time reservation repeats, last date of event, non-standard times if applicable, etc.

Please enter first and last name.
Enter Cornell e-mail Address ( )
Please complete a UUP form if you answered 'yes' to the above. A link will be provided in your confirmation email.
A valid Cornell account number is required for room booking. Your account will be charged for any damages and clean up that result from the event.
Please select an option.