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Jobs and Internships: Widget Test

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A successful job, internships or Co-op search often involves more than participating in on-campus recruiting. Here are some tips to help you find an opportunity that matches your interests. Throughout your search process, refer to the Cornell Career Services Career Guide and other Engineering Co-op and Career Services web pages for additional resources and advice. A Career Advisor can also assist you with this process; email us or schedule an appointment at 201 Carpenter Hall.

Assess: Understand Yourself Job Choices Logo

  • Identify your Values, Strengths, & Interests
  • Consider your time line, alternative plans, & budget

Research: Explore Your Options

  • Search through ECCS webpages
  • Utilize resources listed on the CCS Website and the Career Services Online Library using "key word" searches (search by interest area, location, industry, or other criteria); also visit the library in Barnes 103 or Carpenter 201
  • Network with: Employers (information sessions, career fairs, etc.) friends with work experience, Faculty, alumni, former employers and teachers, campus and professional associations, family and everyone you meet
  • Review former Co-op Job Summaries for ideas
  • Look for additional employers: Search the web by industry or geographic location
  • View employer web pages to learn more about the organization and the types of positions available

Market: Take Action

  • Fine tune your resume, cover letter, phone, networking, and interview skills (sign up for a mock interview)
  • Organize your search: Categorize (by industry, function, employers with/without advertised positions) and compile information to track process (use a spreadsheet and set up a schedule for applying, researching, contacting and following up)
  • Call employers to inquire about opportunities and express interest; view recruiter's business cards in 201 Carpenter Hall
  • Email your resume and cover letter to recruiters
  • Be persistent: follow-up if you don't hear from an employer by their stated deadline or after two weeks

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