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Job & Internship Search Resources

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A successful job, internship or co-op search often involves using a number of resources.  Cornell Engineering students secure positions by participating in on-campus recruiting activities, applying for opportunities posted in Handshake and on company websites, conducting industry & company research to identify potential employers of interest, and networking with employers, alumni, and people in their field. 

Applications & Interviews Workbook 

Use this comprehensive, 11-step, Applications & Interviews Workbook to help you navigate your job/internship search, prepare for upcoming interviews, and evaluate, negotiate and accept/decline offers.  

Professional Correspondence with Employers & Alumni 

Thinking of starting your email or cover letter with “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam”? Don’t do it! How you communicate with employers and alumni will leave an impression, make it a good one. Before reaching out, review our guidelines on how to communicate professionally and effectively. While we include sample text, your outreach should sound like you, so don’t just copy and paste!

Professional Engineer License 

To perform certain engineering responsibilities, you must have a professional engineer license. Each state has its own licensure board, administering its own exam and required qualifications. For more information on what a professional engineering license is, benefits of obtaining the license, and requirements, check out the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Handshake/On-Campus Recruiting 

Every year, the Engineering Career Center hosts over 200 technical employers who conduct 3,300+ interviews for full-time positions, summer internships, and co-ops. Employers seeking Cornell talent post their positions in Handshake.  New and returning employers will post positions throughout the academic year, but will begin adding positions in August, so start searching early!

Job postings that are tied to an interview schedule indicate that the employer will come to campus to interview students as part of Cornell’s On-campus Recruiting (OCR) program. Some employers participate in OCR, but choose to interview students over the phone or web (e.g. Skype) instead of traveling to campus.

Use Handshake to:

1. Search and apply for positions (internships, co-ops, and full-time jobs).
2. See which employers are visiting campus to interview students, attend career fairs, and host information sessions.
3. View the calendar of career workshops, programs, and events.
4. Receive emails about potential opportunities of interest (make sure to update your preferences).

For additional instructions on registering with Cornell Handshake, click here!
Cornell Handshake Tutorial

To be eligible to participate in on-campus recruiting, students must complete an online tutorial. The tutorial takes about 20 minutes to complete, and students should allow two business days after completion for eligibility status to be updated.  You will NOT be notified of this change, but will see an "ocr eligible" label in the left-hand column of your Handshake profile, indicating that you can now participate in on-campus recruiting.  You will then be able to view and apply for interviews.  

Cornell On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Student Policies & Employer Offer Deadlines

When you choose to participate in OCR, you also agree to abide by Cornell Career Services' Student Policies.  These policies cover: eligibility for OCR; studying away from campus; the interview process; offers and acceptances; employer offer dates and response dates, and more.  Note: The policies are updated annually.  Click on the link on the Student Policies page (above) to view the most current version.

Internship Programs for First-Years & Sophomores (and other specific populations) 

Some employers in engineering, computer science, finance, and consulting have designed internship programs specifically for first-year students and other specific populations (e.g. first generation; women; LGBTQ; traditionally underrepresented populations in engineering disciplines, etc.). View the list of companies here. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all companies that offer these types of opportunities.     

Employer Websites

Not all employers participate in Cornell's On-Campus Recruiting program and/or post positions in Handshake.  If you are interested in an employer and they do not recruit at Cornell, visit their website and search for opportunities on their careers or jobs page.  Refer to the "Networking" section of the Engineering Career Services website to learn tips for connecting with individuals at your companies of interest.

Cornell Engineering Post Graduate Reports

Looking for companies that hire students from your major? Check out The College of Engineering Post Graduate Reports to see which companies hire Cornell Engineers with your degree. Reports include employer name, job title, location, and salary statistics. Information on graduate institutions, degrees, and disciplines are also included. Reports are separated by degree level and major.

S&P Capital IQ

Capital IQ is ideal for researching companies (both public and private), deals (M&A and security issuance), and private equity and venture capital deals. It is a premier financial database that provides easy-to-use tools for financial statement analysis, comparables analysis, financial modeling, sector analysis, and charting, plus high-level overviews of industries, financial markets, and regional economies. Watch this 2-minute video for tips on how to effectively search.

Hoover's Online

Searching for companies in your field of interest can be overwhelming.  With so many resources available, where do you start?! Hoover’s Online provides comprehensive company profiles which contain company overviews, and information on growth and forecasts. Use the “Build a List” feature to filter for companies meeting criteria such as industry, size, sales, location, and more.  Use the “Competitors List” to identify additional companies in your field of interest that likely have similar job opportunities. 

Pathways to Science (STEM Research & Internship Opportunities; Graduate School Resources)

Search 1500+ paid research and internship opportunities in STEM. Narrow your search by level of study (e.g. first-year, sophomore...graduate student, etc.), discipline, and geographic location (region and/or state). Check out additional resources on scholarships, short-term opportunities, applying to graduate school, writing personal statements, funding graduate school, and more! The mission of Pathways to Science is to increase diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.   

Biotech Careers

Interested in a career in biotech? Use the resources on this site to learn about job areas within biotech (e.g. biofuels, biomanufacturing, biomaterials, cell culture, medical devices, medical diagnostics, and more!); view biotech employer locations in specific states, the US, or the world; apply to biotech internships; learn biotech terms; and hear from people who work in biotech companies.


Search for companies based on your major or intended major. Buzzfile provides detailed company information for 18+ million U.S. businesses.  Narrow down your company search by filtering by major and geographic location.