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M.Eng. '18 & MPS '18 Career Curriculum Overview

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Here is an outline of your summer career curriculum - each module has it's own link. Start today with Module 1.

SAVE THE DATE: August 21, 2017 is your on campus daylong Job Search Orientation where you will practice job search skills.

Module 1: Strengths, Skills, Interests, and Values
Goal: Articulate your strengths, skills, interests and values. Prepare evidence for each of your skills. Update/build a first draft of your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Module 2: Job Search Overview and Timeline
Goal: Identify five to ten top-choice employers and types of positions you will seek (include lesser known employers in your list). Articulate how you plan to develop your skills to meet job requirements. Create a timeline for your job search.

Module 3: On-Campus Recruiting and Cornell Handshake
Goal: Use Handshake, Cornell’s on-campus recruiting database to identify and apply for jobs in your field of interest. Use Handshake to identify and register for events, including career fairs.

Module 4: U.S. Job Search for International Students
Goal: Identify work authorization needs after graduation and incorporate visa logistics into job-search timeline.  Implement strategies for success by identifying primary goal for post-graduation employment, developing a back-up plan, and seeking assistance with individuals on and off campus.

M.Eng. '18 & MPS '18 Job Search Orientation

August 21: M.Eng. & MPS Job Search Orientation
Goal: Practice for the job search during interactive sessions. You will use the materials you developed over the summer through completing each of the four Summer Career Curriculum modules. 


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