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M.Eng. ’18 & MPS ’18 Summer Career Curriculum Module 4

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  • PURPOSE: U.S. Job Search for International Students
  • GOAL: Identify work authorization needs after graduation and incorporate visa logistics into job-search timeline. Implement strategies for success by identifying primary goal for post-graduation employment, developing a back-up plan, and seeking assistance with individuals on and off campus.

Module 4

  • This module is a recording of a live webinar hosted in 2016. Because the webinar was recorded live, there are pauses for students to ask questions. You will not be able to ask questions while you watch the webinar; bring your questions with you on August 21. Please follow this YouTube link.


  • Identify 5 employers who hire international students in your field.
  • Read Power Ties: The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States by Daniel Beaudry (SUGGESTED)





August 21 : Put Your Skills into Practice!