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M.Eng. ’18 & MPS ’18 Summer Career Curriculum Module 3

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  • PURPOSE: Introduction to Cornell Handshake
  • GOAL: Use Handshake, Cornell’s on-campus recruiting database to identify and apply for jobs in your field of interest. Use Handshake to identify and register for events.



  • Continue to refine your profile and company search.
  • Practice answering interview questions via Optimal Interview by August 21
    Instructions for using Optimal Interview (part of Optimal Resume)
    1. Create an account with Optimal Resume and log in
    2. Select "Create New Interview"
    3. Name the Interview (this is for your record only, so name it whatever you'd like)
    4. Select Interview Type (e.g. Basic, Technical, Behavioral, Consulting, etc.)
    5. Select Format (video recommended)
    6. Scroll down and select "Continue Interview"
    7. Click on the first video to watch the interviewer ask the question
    8. Click on "record answer" to record your response
    9. Click on the third video to hear an explanation of the interview question


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