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M.Eng. ’18 & MPS ’18 Summer Career Curriculum Module 2

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  • PURPOSE: Employer Research in the Job Search & Timeline Overview
  • GOAL: Identify five to ten top-choice employers and types of positions you will seek. Make sure to include lesser known employers in your list. Articulate how you plan to develop your skills to meet job requirements. Create a timeline for your job search




  • Search the list of companies that participated in last-year’s Career Fair and the list of companies which have recently hired M.Eng.  and MPS students (Visit our Post Graduate Survey pages to view  employers for prior years).
  • Identify types of positions that fit your interests by visiting the “Careers” page of your top-choice companies.
  • Complete steps 5 & 6 in the M.Eng. '18 & MPS '18 Summer Career Curriculum Career Workbook to research the organization and draw the connection. 
  • Update your resume & LinkedIn profile to reflect skills you have, which employers say they are looking for.
  • Synthesize steps 1-5 above. What knowledge and skills do you need to develop while in the M.Eng. or MPS program in order to improve your chances of landing your dream job? Identify how you will use your time in the M.Eng.  or MPS program to develop these skills. Review the course catalog and your department’s curriculum and project requirements. Consider leadership, entrepreneurial and other extracurricular opportunities. In one or two short paragraphs, summarize how you would speak to employers about your plan to develop your skills.


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