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Recruiting for Employers

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We are here to assist you in connecting with Cornell students while serving as champions for the College of Engineering and its programs.

There are numerous ways to recruit Cornell Engineers:

On-Campus Interviews

We provide undergraduate, graduate, and post doctoral students the opportunity to submit electronic resumes to positions for which they qualify, and to interview with employers on campus. This process is powered by Handshake.

Each year we host 200+ employers who conduct over 3,300+ interviews with more than 1,900 students for full-time, intern and Co-op positions.

Job descriptions are posted online via Handshake. Students can view postings, and if they meet the requirements, submit resumes online to those of interest. After the resume submission deadline has passed, employers receive the bundle of submitted resumes via email. Typically employers have three days to look over the resumes and choose students they would like to interview online (through the interview schedule). A selected student can then electronically sign up for an interview time slot. Employers can monitor the sign up process in real time. Employers are strongly encouraged to select additional students as "Alternates", who may sign up for any unclaimed interview time-slots still available a few days prior to the interview day. More information about how to manage applicants for your interview schedule.

On-campus interviews typically occur late September through early December and from late January through mid-March. The majority of interviews for full-time hires take place during the Fall semester for students graduating in January and May. Recruiting for Co-op students occurs in February for work terms that start in September. The majority of Spring recruitment is for summer interns, although some interviews for full-time positions also occur during this time.

On-Campus interviews for engineering students typically take place in 201 Carpenter Hall. If there are no available interviews rooms in Carpenter Hall another career office on campus may act as host and allow use of their interview rooms.

Reservations for On-campus events can be made starting in May of each year for the entire upcoming recruiting season.

1. Schedule a Date(s) for Interviews
Reservations (for an interview room) are made by completing an Interview Date Request online. Be sure to look at our recruiting calendar located on the same page to be sure you aren't choosing dates during breaks.

Once your reservation request has been approved you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the Employer Scheduling Coordinator confirming your date(s) with instructions to complete the set up of your on-campus event.

The Recruiting Coordinator for the College of Engineering,, 607-255-1069, is your point of contact from this point forward.

2. Enter Your Job Descriptions
Once your reservations have been confirmed, your next step is to post your job description(s) online in Handshake. Your job posting will not be approved and go live to students until it has been attached to your Interview Schedule.  

3. Managing Your Event
Once your recruiting event (room reservation, job posting, interview schedule) has been ‘Approved’ by our office, students can begin submitting resumes. You will also see that the “Timeline” has been adjusted; these dates let you know the deadline for students to submit their resumes and your window to select candidates you wish to interview. To request any changes, please contact the Recruiting Coordinator.

You can view your job description, note the timeline, and view submitted resumes (as well as cover letters and transcripts if you selected these to be submitted; you should be aware that requiring these items may result in fewer submissions).

After the resume submission deadline has passed you can begin inviting students to interview and selecting “Alternates” (second choice candidates). You are encouraged to select as many primary candidates as you have interview time slots available and at least 4 alternates. Note: 30 minute interviews=13 interview slots, 45 minute interviews=9 slots, 60 minute interviews=6 slots. Upon request we are sometimes able to adjust your schedule to fit in an extra interview by starting your interviews earlier and removing your 15 minute breaks. (A standard interview day is 8:30 am-4:30 pm, with two 15-minute breaks and a 1-hour lunch break)

More information about how to manage applicants for your interview schedule.

You can also view your Interview Schedule as it fills. If you wish to make changes to your schedule (change start/end times, interview length, etc), please contact the Recruiting Coordinator prior to selecting your primary candidates. It is much easier to adjust a schedule before students have signed up.

Alternatives to On-Campus Recruiting

If you are unable to travel to campus to conduct interviews, we can still assist you in posting your job and creating an interview schedule to be conducted via video or phone.  Video interviews are usually done using Skype; other options can be discussed.

To reserve this alternative option, when making your online request for an interview room please indicate that interviews will be done via video or phone.  We will then work together to set a time to do a test run to ensure equipment compatibility. 

If you are interviewing students via phone, the number to dial is: 607-255-6878.
If you are having difficulty please call: 607-255-1069.

If you are interviewing students via Skype, our name is:

Job Postings & Posting to Alumni

A job posting is set up much like an on-campus event, except that an interview schedule will not be attached to your job description. Jobs may be posted in Handshake for Cornell students and alumni with 0-5 yrs experience at no charge. There is no limit to the number of jobs you can post. Simply log into your Handshake account and enter your job descriptions for Cornell.

Career Fairs

Cornell hosts several career fairs through out the year. Each September and February there is a Career Fair for Engineering and Technical students and employers. Startups are always welcome!

Fall University Career FairStudents at the fair in Barton Hall.
Details and Registration

Spring Technical & Entrepreneurial Career Fair
Details and Registration

All Ivy Environmental & Sustainable Development Career Fair
For more information

Student wait to speak with recruiters at career fair