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Opportunities to Give

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Many of our programs are made possible through the support and donations of organizations like yours.  Considering sponsoring an event to advertise your organization on campus.

Medium Exposure

  • Prize Donation - Provide a prize or gift certificate for one of the many ways we honor and recognize outstanding students and student volunteers. Past examples include: iPhone, software, PC Games, and Gift Cards.
  • Mock Interviewer Training - Each year to prepare Co-op students for the interviewing process as they enter the program, students who have completed the Co-op program the prior year conduct mock interviews with the new students. The Co-op interviewers go through a 6-hour training session the third Sunday in January. Your organization provides prizes and/or a staff member to assist with the training. Breakfast and Lunch are catered.
  • Present a Workshop in the evening on one of many topics such as: "Careers in Finance," "Utilizing your Network" or propose a topic you would like to present on. We will co-sponsor and advertise the workshop and your organization as well as order snacks and refreshments for attendees. Some workshops have over 100+ students in attendance.¬†

Targeted Audience

  • PhD Open House - Provide assistance in covering the cost of this yearly event in which PhD students are invited to our office to review our services and attend Industry Panels and workshops specifically targeted for their needs.
  • Career Fair Transportation - Each February, Cornell participates in the All Ivy Environmental Career Fair held at Columbia University in New York City. In order to assist Cornell students in attending, a bus is chartered at no cost for the students and transports them to the fair. 50+ students are able to attend via this bus. You can help to cover the cost of this and we can place your organization's information on each seat.
  • Co-op Welcome Back Reception - Each September, we host a Welcome Back Reception for Co-op students. These returning seniors are treated to an hors dourvs reception during which we present the awards for Co-op Student of the Year, Runner Up, Co-op Supervisor of the Year, and Honorary Recognitions of outstanding students. Prizes donated by employers are awarded. The Dean, faculty and all participating Co-op students are in attendance.
  • Co-op Mock Networking Event - Each Wednesday evening in February prior to a Co-op recruiting date, there is an Employer/Co-op Student Networking Reception. To help the Co-op students learn how to network, we host a Mock Networking Reception on a Wednesday Evening in late January. Over 200 students attend.
  • Co-op Celebration Dinner - Each year in August we have a Celebration Dinner for the Co-op students who are leaving to begin the Fall Term of their Co-op job assignments. A professional etiquette consultant holds a presentation over the course of dinner. Over 100 students are in attendance.