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Employers FAQs

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Do I need to fill out the Interview Date Request Online Form (IDR)?
Yes, the interview date request form, or IDR, is used to gather information about your recruiting visit. The form includes only the most essential information. Experience has shown that your visit is most successful when we receive all the information on this form, e.g. information sessions, special instructions, work authorization requirements, and the EEO statement.

What is a typical interview schedule?
Schedule variations can be arranged due to travel arrangements or other reasons. Please let the Recruiting Coordinator know of changes ASAP.

30 Minute Interviews 45 Minute Interviews 60 Minute Interviews 90 Minute Interviews
8:30am Interview
8:15am Interview
8:00am Interview
8:00am Interview
9:00am Interview
9:00am Interview
9:00am Interview
9:30am Interview
9:30am Interview
9:45am Break 10:00am Break 11:00am Interview
10:00am Break 10:00am Interview
10:15am Interview
12:30pm Lunch
10:15am Interview
10:45am Interview
11:15am Interview
1:30pm Interview
10:45am Interview 11:30am Interview 12:15pm Lunch 3:00pm Interview
11:15am Interview 12:15pm Lunch 1:15pm Interview  
11:45am Interview 1:15pm Interview 2:15pm Interview  
12:15pm Lunch 2:00pm Interview 3:15pm Break  
1:15pm Interview 2:45pm Break 3:30pm Interview  
1:45pm Interview 3:00pm Interview    
2:15pm Interview 3:45pm Interview    
2:45pm Break      
3:00pm Interview      
3:30pm Interview      
4:00pm Interview      

Can I have additional rooms for second-round interviews or greeters?
Space is limited, especially during the peak months of October and February. Please let us know in advance if you'll need extra space. Greeters most often greet students at the conference table in the waiting area.

What do recruiters need to know? 

  1. Recruiters should arrive at least 15 minutes before their first interview and bring resumes for each student on their schedule. They are also expected to end their day on time. If the start or end time of the schedule must be modified for travel arrangements or other reasons, please let our office know as soon as possible.
  2. Recruiters should also know the location of the interviews and the location of your presentation or information session.
  3. Recruiters should know the deadlines for entering pre-selects in Handshake as well as how many pre-selects and alternates to select.
  4. Recruiters should know that students can sign up and cancel interviews until 24 hours before the interviews, therefore to see the final schedule, they should print it the day before their interviews.
  5. Recruiters should be informed about the Recruiting Policies.

Can recruiters have lunch with career office staff and/or faculty?
Our staff welcomes the opportunity to meet with recruiters and share information over lunch time. We are happy to arrange lunch with faculty members or other Cornell contacts. In order to best meet your needs, please give us advance notice to arrange this.