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Exploring Opportunities

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Research can enhance the undergraduate experience by allowing students to take the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom and apply them to real situations. It affords students the opportunity to interact closely with faculty and, in many instances, to develop valuable industry connections. When involved in research, students will also find themselves working with peers who share their passion for learning.

To learn more about ongoing research in the College of Engineering, explore department and faculty Web sites.

Research for Credit

Students may opt to receive credit for conducting research in the College. Once a research relationship has been established, contact the department’s undergraduate coordinator for additional information. Those who receive credit for research may not receive pay for the same project.

Research for Pay

Opportunities to be paid for conducting research exist through individual faculty members as well as through Engineering Learning Initiatives program grants. For students being funded by individual faculty, be sure to contact the department’s undergraduate coordinator once the research relationship has been established. Students interested in funding through Engineering Learning Initiatives may apply for a grant at the beginning of each semester. See Engineering Learning Initiatives Student Grant Program for more information. Those who receive pay for research may not receive credit.