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Welcome Bharath Hariharan

"I got interested in computer vision as an undergrad. I started to see that what was a simple, unconscious process for most humans was incredibly difficult for computers." More

What goes on in there? A visit to Cornell’s Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility

A guided tour of Cornell's CNF, which in 2017 will celebrate 40 years of operations at the very edge of nanoscale science and technology. More

Students receive EPA P3 Award

A team of students from Cornell Engineering has been awarded an EPA P3 Award to support their development of a portable, high-rate, inexpensive water treatment unit for use in areas affected by emergencies. More

Nishimura Lab hosts high school students to promote interest in STEM fields

Hands-on experience excites enthusiam for engineering in students of all ages, so the Nishimura Lab hosted nearly fifty high school students this summer as part of Cornell Engineering’s CATALYST Academy. The CATALYST Academy is a selective one-week summer residential program that enables high school students from all over the country to gain valuable insight into engineering research. The program aims to promote interest within the engineering field by exposing high school students to classes, lab sessions, and research at Cornell University. More

ExxonMobil Foundation gives $467,000 to Cornell

The ExxonMobil Foundation has given Cornell $466,555 through its Educational Matching Gifts Program. More

Cornell Engineering Excellence in Teaching and Advising Awards 2013

Congratulations to the recipients of this year's College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching and Advising Awards. More

Cornell Students present research at 15th annual TECHCON Conference

The nation’s top semiconductor scholars and industry veterans came together for the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) 15th Annual TECHCON conference held in Austin, Texas to present their research, collaborate with colleagues, and discuss recent papers to further the growth and success in the semiconductor industry. More

CBS NEWS: 3-D printing: The next dimension

A new way of manufacturing is being used to make everything from toy tractors to electric cars. Now, researchers are using 3D printing to engineer human tissue. Serena Altschul reports. More

BOOM 2013 - Bits On Our Minds

BOOM is an annual showcase of student research and creativity in digital technology and applications. It's an opportunity for Cornell undergraduate and Master's -- level students to show their best work in cutting -- edge technologies, and past displays have included iPhone applications, video games, and robotics. More

Bonassar and bio-printer on BBC

The Bonassar lab is featured in part one of "Technobody" on BBC World News Horizons. More