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Assistant Professors' Guide to Tenure Dossiers

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In preparing and archiving materials for tenure it may be helpful for assistant professors to know which items they will be responsible for.  Based on the document “Suggested items for inclusion in faculty promotion dossiers,” which can be found at, items that the candidate is responsible for providing are summarized below.  For full details see the Suggested items document and the “Criteria for Promotion to Tenure,” also available at the URL above.  

Faculty are urged to speak with their Department Chairs early in their careers to get additional and departmental specific information on criteria for promotion and on items needed for their tenure dossiers. 

  •   Current curriculum vitae that includes:
a.   list of publications, divided into (i) refereed archival (typically journal), and (ii) refereed conference articles.  List all authors in the order they appear on the publication.  Identify those publications that were submitted to the department for review.

b.  list  of  other  publications and  lectures presented externally (indicate invited lectures, invited contributions, etc.) 

c.   list of courses taught each semester and number of students enrolled 

d.   (i) list of graduate field memberships (ii)  list  of  graduate  students  supervised,  degree  (M.Eng.,  M.S.,  Ph.D.),  year awarded, and if co-supervised, name the co-advisor and indicate the primary advisor.  For Ph.D. and M.S. students include thesis title. (iii) list of current graduate students and if co-supervised, indicate the primary advisor and list co-advisors 

e.   summary of external funding, indicating approximate portion to candidate if co- P.I. 

f. list of prestigious honors and awards 

g.   membership in and service to professional organizations 

h.   university leadership, service, committee assignments, administrative appointments within the department, college, or university.  Include participation and leadership of diversity initiatives, outreach, cross-campus activities, mentoring, etc.

  • A statement describing past and anticipated contributions to scholarship, teaching, and service.

  • Teaching Materials:  course  syllabi,  reading  lists,  handouts,  non-print  materials,  problem  sets, assignments, graded exams, student research papers, final projects, final grade distribution, examples of written feedback to students (optional).  |

  • Names of 8-10 established external scholars who can evaluate the candidate’s academic
  • performance and promise.  The department will solicit (approximately) 6 letters from this list.  In addition the department will solicit letters from another (approximately) 6 scholars for a total of 10-14 letters.