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2010 CERC Student Committee

Organizing Committee

  • M. Kursad Araz, Chair
  • Yoon Choi, Industry Relations Co-Chair
  • Lita Das, Publicity Co-Chair
  • Stueti Gupta, Publicity Co-Chair
  • Pei Yee Ng, Industry Relations Co-Chair
  • Sudip Roy and Shruti Thussu, Webmasters

Session Chairs

  • Esther Chiew, Poster Session
  • Yue Geng, Poster Session
  • Jennifer Himottu, Oral Session
  • Cresten Mansfeldt, Oral Session
  • Disha Patel, Oral Session
  • Shruti Thussu, Oral Session
  • Michael Tolley, Oral Session
  • Xiaocong Wang, Oral Session

Office of Research and Graduate Studies

  • Rajit Manohar, Interim Associate Dean
  • Jeff Newman, Director
  • Yoanna Ferarra, Assistant Director

Contact Information

We are located with the Office of Research and Graduate Studies:

222 Carpenter Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Phone: 607-255-7413
Fax: 607-255-9606