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Graduate Students

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We welcome our graduate students to explore our program offerings for a broad range of constituents:

Academic Support & Fellowship Programs:

Cornell Sloan & Cornell Colman Fellowships – funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Colman Family Foundation, and the Cornell Graduate School, and administered by the Diversity Programs in Engineering Office, these programs provide 3-yr fellowships to selected students pursuing a PhD in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) discipline.

GEM Fellowship Program - a one year fellowship for PhD and MEng URM students supported via a partnerships between Cornell and the National GEM Consortium.

Summer Success Symposium (S3) - a one day event for new and continuing MS/PhD and PhD students from across all graduate fields who have received fellowships in support of diversity, and/or identify as first generation college (FGC) students and/or students of color. Through this symposium, participants will have the opportunity to form connections and establish community. This symposium will also provide participants with the opportunity to engage with successful Cornell PhD alumni and faculty with shared experiences as diversity fellows, FGC and/or PhD students of color.

Graduate Student Orientation and Welcome Reception – an event focused on introducing newly enrolled graduate students to DPE, current graduate students, and engineering faculty members.
Faculty & Graduate Student Holiday Reception – an annual event focused on providing faculty and graduate students the opportunity to celebrate the end of the fall semester and interact in a relaxed environment.

Leadership, Mentoring, & Professional Development:

Colman Leadership Program - a bi-annual event (offered in January and June) that seeks to enroll 25-30 PhD students for an intensive three-day program focused on providing participants with skills and knowledge that will support their development as leaders in graduate school and beyond.

Sloan Luncheon Series - a biweekly group mentoring activity providing an opportunity for CU Sloan Faculty Mentors, CU Sloan Fellows, and other DPE fellows and URM graduate students to gather over a meal to discuss topics of interest and interact with guest speakers.

Empowering Women in Science and Engineering (EWISE) Conference – a conference focused on the professional and personal development of women graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers and junior faculty members.