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Diversity Advisory Council

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146 Olin Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
607.255.6403 |

The Cornell Engineering Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) serves Cornell Engineering to abet and facilitate the advancement of DPE’ s mission. The DAC serves to ensure that Cornell Engineering continues to be one of the nation’s leaders in engineering diversity and inclusion by giving a central voice to the needs and visions of diverse constituencies of the engineering community.  Each DAC member is appointed by the Associate Dean and DPE Director to advise and provide assessment of diversity goals and initiatives. As a broadly representative body, the membership of the DAC consists of undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty, senior administrators, as well as industry and foundation representatives. 

DAC Focus areas:

Outreach & Recruitment

  • Strategies for ensuring Cornell Engineering is well positioned to capture outstanding and diverse prospects at the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty levels. 
  • Strategies for engaging more faculty and alumni in recruiting, developing, and graduating undergraduate & graduate students.

Professional Development 

  • Development and support of opportunities for students to network with corporate and alumni, engage in research, participate in internships, develop as leaders, etc. 
  • Development of opportunities for involving industry, foundation, and institutional partners as presenters and/or sponsors of professional development activities.

Mentoring & Advisoring 

  • Strategies for helping students and faculty leverage the mentoring opportunities available to them. 
  • Strategies for increasing the effectiveness of faculty mentors (faculty: faculty & faculty: graduate student). 
  • Development and support of effective mentoring plans for Diversity Fellows (Graduate Students) to ensure maximum student-faculty interaction. 

Funding & Support for Initiatives and Fellowships 

  • Commitment to helping identify opportunities to secure funding to support student participation in outreach and recruitment programs (CURIE, CATALYST, DHW, WIE, etc.) 
  • Increasing the availability of Diversity Fellowships for URM and women graduate students. 
  • Strategies for leveraging faculty, industry, foundation, & institutional partnerships to expand the DPE summer undergraduate research program. 
  • Development and support of a sustainable, long-term funding plan for initiatives not fully supported by existing operating funds.