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Alumni Stories

  • Jen Baker '12 MBA '13 M.Eng, Breaking rules to create new career paths
  • Kristen Graf '01 Biological and Environmental Engineering,  Breaking rules to improve the quality of life on our planet
  • Jeremy Blum '12 Electrical and Computer Engineering, '13 M.Eng, Breaking rules to do great things
  • Dan Simpkins '80 Electrical Engineering, '81 M.Eng, Breaking rules to change the way we live
  • Padmasree Warrior '84 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Breaking rules to push conventional boundaries
  • Charlie Sporck '50 Mechanical Engineering, Breaking rules to see things differently
  • John Amos '85 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Challenging the status quo to make the world better
  • Ray Li '14 Applied and Engineering Physics and Michael Ndubuisi '14 Computer Science, Breaking the rules to push the limits of imagination
  • Jen Weidman  '13 Environmental Engineering, Breaking the rules to make life better in Tanzania
  • Paul Osenar   '92 Materials Science,  Breaking rules to take new technology to market
  • Yonn Rasmussen  '83, '86 MS, '89 Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering,   Breaking rules to combine humanities and engineering
  • Liz Wayne  '15 Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering,   Breaking rules to make a better future