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One advantage engineering students have is they don’t need to think much about choosing their first-semester classes—many are pre-determined by the college. But students do have curricular choices to make, schedules to check, and payments to keep track of. Fortunately, they can keep tabs on all this right from their own computer—or from any computer linked to the Internet. (See “What is Student Center?” at right.)

The first three semesters typically consist of what’s known as the Common Curriculum, which includes foundational courses in math, science, and engineering concepts. Students are ready to begin specializing by the beginning of the 2nd semester of the sophomore year, applying to their major of choice in a process called “affiliation” (see "Choosing a Major" for a description of affiliation and a list of majors, minors, and options offered in the College of Engineering).

What is Student Center?

Student Center is a secure web-based program that’s a key feature in students’ academic lives. Students use it to access and update their Cornell status any time of the day or week. They can check or update their contact information, verify their registration status and schedule, look at grades, add and drop classes, review Bursar and CornellCard accounts, look at financial aid records, and pre-enroll in classes.