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Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit

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In This Section:

Students can receive advanced placement (AP) credit for meeting specific criteria on CEEB AP exams, or if they scored well in GCE “A” level exams or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams in high school. Incoming first-year students may also take Cornell Advanced Standing Exams (CASE) during Orientation week before classes start. These exams are tailored for the Cornell curriculum and are more reliable in establishing whether students know the material well enough to skip some of the intro courses.

Just because students are offered AP credit does not mean they have to accept it. Especially in required engineering courses, if they’re not confident enough in their understanding of the material, they should go ahead and take the introductory classes. Students can discuss this with their faculty adviser or an adviser in Engineering Advising by visiting 167 Olin Hall or calling 5-7414 from a campus phone.

When it comes to transfer credits, taking a course at another college or institution does not guarantee the credits will transfer to Cornell. The college will determine whether the courses are equivalent to Cornell’s, and consider grades in those courses, before deciding on eligibility.