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Our Priority Areas

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Faculty Renewal and Recruitment

The College of Engineering faces a difficult period over the next 5 years to recruit and retain nearly a third of our faculty who will be retiring. It is imperative that we engage unique ways of doing this and not wait until the need is right upon us. New funding will now allow us to be opportunistic and set up programs to find and hire the best faculty,which will include underrepresented minorities and women. Priorities will be funding additional professorships and increased research capacity in areas such as Energy and Bioengineering.

Graduate Fellowships
To remain competitive, Cornell's College of Engineering should be in the position to offer fellowships to every first year graduate student. Currently the college provides fellowships to less than half* of it graduate students.

Experiential and Entrepreneurial Learning Initiatives

The College of Engineering has an Engineering Learning Initiative program that facilitates cooperative learning, undergraduate research, and peer tutoring. Our goal is to be able continue to fund these experience for all of the College of Engineering students.The programs below are a sample of what is available; funding these programs enhances our experience and the experience of our students.

  • The Cornell LeaderShape® Institute is a dynamic, interactive, six-day residential program that exposes students to leadership development.
  • The Academic Excellence Workshop (AEW) Cooperative Learning Program offers weekly, one-credit cooperative learning workshops in core engineering courses in math, chemistry, and computer science.
  • The CU Emerge Leadership Institute equips first and second-year engineering students who are emerging leaders with self-information and management tools.In 2008, the Kessler Fellows Program was established to assist a select group of junior Engineering students who are interested in entrepreneurism. Through a spring course on campus, summer placement in a start-up or other entrepreneurial environment, and a fall symposium series, the program combines tailored educational and employment components.
  • CU EMPower, a peer mentoring program sponsored by Diversity Programs in Engineering. The program matches upperclassmen and graduate student Peer Mentors with incoming engineering student Protégés for a year-long mentoring partnership.The College of Engineering's Student Project Teams are unsurpassed in terms of the range of experiences available to our students and the success that our teams have enjoyed. Our student project teams bring together people whose collective experiences, perspectives, and creativity provide the foundation for solving problems that leave even the most astute individuals perplexed. The success of our teams springs from the diversity our teams bring to bear on the problems they encounter.

Sustainability & Energy Initiatives

Cornell is making fundamental contributions to the discovery, development, and implementation of alternative energy sources and sustainability. Related to the major goal of helping to clean up the earth over the next decade, faculty in the College of Engineering are investigating, among other projects, plant materials (or biomass) and hydrogen for use as fuel cells; improved efficiency of the internal combustion engine and pollution abatement. A number of research centers and institutes are devoted to these solutions. The formation of the College of Engineering's Energy Institute will complement the vast array of like-focused centers and institutes around the University which are noted below.

  • Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future Energy Materials Center at Cornell Northeast Regional Climate Center
  • Cornell Fuel Cell Institute Cornell Waste Management Institute (CWMI)
  • New York State Water Resources Institute (WRI)

Undergraduate Scholarships

Financial aid makes possible learning, research, study abroad and other hands-on experiences for our undergraduate students. Such support encourages the achievement of a more diverse student population which enriches the college's endeavors.

Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Diversity