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Giving Opportunities and Highlights

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Lance Collins

Message from the Dean:

Our goals for the next decade will propel the Cornell Engineering to the forefront of education and research in Engineering and a position among the top-five best engineering schools in the United States.

First, we will broaden our students’ technical knowledge and skills,while also fostering their development as leaders who are truly global. We will continue to produce Ivy League graduates who possess advanced knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, along with unparalleled engineering expertise.We will recruit our students nationally and globally, many aspiring to high levels in large corporations or to create tomorrow’s leading companies. We give them outstanding opportunities to study in a variety of settings-- including project work in other countries--that broadens their view of how to impact the world.

Our second goal is for Cornell engineers to make a bold impact on two very important global issues: energy and sustainability. Cornell students are trained to look further than their own back yards for strategic areas where they can make a difference. Their Cornell educations will give them the breadth of expertise and the ability to work in interdisciplinary ways that will stir them to seek and resolve society’s greatest challenges over the next decade and beyond.

Third, we strive to foster the entrepreneurial spirit. Modern engineering is viewed more and more as community engagement. As the land grant University of N.Y., Cornell was created with this promise. We will continue to take new understanding from research to impact society in positive ways.

At Cornell we will continue to recruit students and faculty who devote their time and energies to this mission, who are tomorrow’s leaders and who join the over 250,000 other Cornellians who are doing the same thing.

Please support us and join us in achieving our goals.

Lance R. Collins
Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering