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MAE Fundraising Priorities

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MAE Fundraising Priorities and Naming Opportunities
Program Area Funding Required
  • Named Endowed Lecturer
    Professor of Practice to lead MAE design program, teach design courses, lead the M.Eng program and provide liaison with industry.


$3.5 Million
  • Faculty Startup
    Support MAE strategic areas such as energy, nanoscience and biomedical engineering.
$100,000 and up
  • Graduate Fellowships
    Goal is to provide funding to each first-year Ph.D. student, to attract top students with several three year fellowships, and to provide fellowships for new faculty.


$1.5 Million one year (20 fellowships),
$3 Million three year (30 fellowships)
Capital Projects
  • Teaching Laboratory Fund
    Add new and renew laboratory equipment used in student labs.


$1 Million and up
  • Research Laboratory Renewal
    Build 21st century labs for new initiatives in MAE
$3 Million and up
  • Teaching Laboratory Renewal and Transformation
    Build new experiments in key courses
  • Department Lounge
    Redesign Upson lounge for multi-use by faculty, students, and staff.
$100,000 and up
  • Research Seed Grants
    Provide support for faculty to undertake new initiatives, new directions and collaborations


$2 Million
  • Teaching Laboratory Specialist
    Additional technical specialist in support of experiential learning, including instructional labs and shops
$1.6 Million
  • Emerging Young Scientists Lectures
    Hold a yearly workshop of the best young scientists finishing their Ph.D., with a goal of recruiting the best young faculty, with a special emphasis on diversity.
  • Curator for the Reuleaux Collection
    Endowment to hire a curator to inventory, maintain, and manage department collections.
  • Distinguished Speakers Fund
    Speakers for MAE Colloquium and courses
  • Digital Manufacturing Initiative
    Modern approaches to the design and fabrication of engineered systems.
  • Promoting Departmental Accomplishments
    Create an MAE presence in Upson with a 3D project team display, and rolling promotional displays of faculty and students’ accomplishments.
$100,000 and up
Current Use
  • Research seed grants


  • Instructional Laboratory Support
  • Student Projects
  • Renewal of computational laboratories

MAE Annual Fund – unrestricted gifts of any amount may be directed to the MAE department and will provide the Director the flexibility to support the priorities listed above, as well as to seize other opportunities such as those below:

  • Student organizations such as ASME
  • Travel grants for students and faculty
  • Support for on-line learning initiatives