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ECE Fundraising Priorities

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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Fundraising Priorities and Naming Opportunities
Program Area Funding Required
  • Endowed ECE Chair


$5 Million minimum endowment
  • Endowed Professorships
$3 Million minimum endowment
  • Faculty Start-up Funds
All sizes
  • Graduate Ph.D.Funding
    Named Graduate Research Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships
  • Term (5-year)
  • Endowed
$1.5 Million minimum endowment
  • Named M.Eng Fellowships
  • Term (5-year)
  • Endowed
$1.5 Million minimum endowment
  • Undergraduate Research Support
All Sizes
Capital Projects
  • ECE Administrative Office Suite
  • Ward Lab Renovation
  • Semi-conductor Lab
  • Embedded Systems Laboratory
  • M.Eng Student Lounge

ECE Annual Fund – unrestricted gifts of any amount may be directed to ECE and will provide the Director the flexibility to support the priorities listed above, aggressively recruit and retain junior faculty, seize other opportunities and address challenges at their discretion.