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CBE Fundraising Priorities

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School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Fundraising Priorities and Naming Opportunities
Program Area Funding Required
Improving undergraduate education
  • Named Unit Operations Laboratory
$3.5 Million minimum endowment
  • Various UO Lab individual naming opportunities
    The Unit Operations laboratory is a capstone course taken by all chemical engineering students in their senior year. CBE alumni credit UO Lab for honing technical writing, teamwork, and leadership skills they consider important to their career successes as chemical engineers. Key to the success of the UO lab experience is a good selection of experiments that produce reliable data. A gift to name the Unit Operations Laboratory would support continuous improvement of all experiments and of the Unit Operations laboratory infrastructure.

    Current use funds will be used to immediately upgrade three key experiments (distillation tower, heat exchanger, and membrane permeation) in the UO lab.
$200,000 minimum current use
  • Named Industrial Practitioners Program
    (IPs) are chemical engineers with considerable years of practical experience, who return to Cornell to serve as lecturers. Since the mid 1990’s CBE has benefited from continuous service of IPs in our capstone Chemical Process Design and Unit Operations laboratory.
$4 Million minimum endowment
  • Industrial Practitioner Bridge Funds
    These current-use funds will be used to hire two new IPs to transition to the retirement of our current pair of outstanding IPs. The transition period will allow for efficient sharing of best practices between the outgoing and incoming IPs.
$250,000 minimum endowment
Enhancing the graduate experience
  • Named Graduate Fellowships
  • Term (5-year)
  • Endowed

Provide funding to support every first year graduate student.

$1.5 Million minimum endowment
  • Named Teaching Immersion Fellowships for doctoral students
    Support graduate students who serve as TAs in multiple courses. The overall goal is to facilitate the development of doctoral students committed to careers in academia.
$1 Million minimum endowment
  • Named Graduate Student Research Symposium
    Name and continuously support the graduate student research symposium.
$500,000 minimum endowment
  • Named Fellowships in Energy Engineering and Economics
    Provide fellowships for Masters of Engineering students pursuing the Energy Engineering and Economics specialization.
$1 Million minimum endowment
Attracting and retaining talented faculty
  • Named Chair in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    Support salary and start-up costs for a mid-career faculty star who will facilitate growth of Biomolecular Engineering.
$5 Million minimum endowment
  • Named Chair in Energy Economics & Engineering
    Support salary and start-up costs for a mid-career/senior faculty star who will allow CBE to capitalize on recent growth of EEE to create a new field of study.
$4 Million minimum endowment

CBE Endowed Director's Fund

Named Director’s funds provide a source of funds in perpetuity to be used at the discretion of the director. These funds are most commonly used to support the recruitment and retention of faculty stars.

$100,000 minimum endowment

CBE Annual Fund – unrestricted gifts of any amount may be directed to CBE and will provide the Director the flexibility to support the priorities listed above, aggressively recruit and retain junior faculty, seize other opportunities and address challenges at their discretion.