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BME Fundraising Priorities

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BME Department Fundraising Priorities and Naming Opportunities
Program Area Funding Required
  • Endowed Professorships
    Support salary and start-up costs for new BME faculty
$3 Million minimum endowment
  • Endowed Senior Lecturer
    Industry practitioners who guide the BME design course and teach electives that have a strong component of practice.
$2.5 Million minimum endowment
  • Graduate Ph.D. Funding
    Named Graduate Research Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships
  • Term (5-year)
  • Endowed
$1.5 Million minimum endowment
  • Endowed Teaching Outreach Program
    Funding to support BME Ph.D. students working with middle school or high school teachers in underserved communities to develop novel curricular materials for use in the classroom.
$5.5 Million minimum endowment
  • Endowed Summer Immersion Program
    Supports the costs of all 20 first-year Ph.D. students to spend 8 weeks at Weill Cornell Medical Center and affiliated associations to observe physicians in the operating room, outpatient clinics and participate in clinical research.
$3 Million minimum endowment
  • Named Distinguished Speakers Fund
    Provide speakers within the Science and Technology Approaches in Human Health course that is a requisite for all BME students.
$150,000 minimum endowment
  • Research Seed Grants
    Current use funds to seed grants to initiate new research interactions between faculty from Cornell BME and WCMC.
Capital Projects
  • Named Instructional Laboratory


$3 Million minimum endowment

BME Annual Fund – unrestricted gifts of any size may be directed to the BME program and provide the Chair the flexibility to support the priorities listed above or other programs such as those listed below:

  • Travel grants for students to attend Biomedical Engineering Society conference
  • Support for BME student projects and project teams
  • Travel to student retreats and leadership training activities
  • Support the student-run Speaker Series that exposes students to industry leaders