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Spring 2012

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CEAA Enterprise Engineering Seminar

MAE 5949 / ORIE 9100
Wednesdays, 4:30–5:30 p.m., B17 Upson Hall
Faculty Organizer: John Callister, PhD '96 ME, 607-255-5545
CEAA Contact: Kristie Blake, 607-255-9920

Date Speaker/Organization Title/Topic

Jan 25

Don Aubrecht '06 AEP,
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Design and Experiment

Feb 1

Jerry Ostrov '71 DBS,
Retired, Chairman and CEO, Bausch & Lomb

Leadership and Innovation

Feb 8

Alan Rosenthal '59 EE,
Retired, Financial Services Systems

Your Engineering Career in a Difficult Economy

Feb 15

David Heller '81 MechE,
CEO, Heller Industries

5 Interesting Ideas Worthy of Your Consideration

Feb 22

Fred Dinger III '83 MechE,
President and CEO, ENTrigue Surgical, Inc.

Engineers as Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs

Feb 29

Nayla Rizk '80 ORIE,
Sr. Director, Spencer Stuart

Navigating Your Career

Mar 7

Donald Morel, Jr. '83 MS MSE, '84 PhD MSE,
President, COO & Chairman, West Pharmaceutical Services

Engineering Challenges in Pharmaceutical Product Development.  Exubera: A Case Study

Mar 14

Rich Gallagher '76 CEE
Point of Contact Group

Workplace Communications Skills:  What Research is Telling Us

Mar 21

Spring Break

No Seminar

Mar 28

Brian Kushner '78, '80 MS AEP, '84 PhD AEP,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Sage Telecom, Inc,

Engineering the Turnaround

Apr 4

Todd Zion '97 ChemE,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Smart Cells, Inc.

The SmartCells Story:  Building a Successful Biotechnology Enterprise

Apr 11

Stephen Paletta '86 CivE,
Founder and CEO, Give Back, LLC

Building a Business out of Giving: Closing the Gap Between the Non-Profit and For-Profit World

Apr 18

Steven Benjamin '80 CivE, '81 MEng CivE, '82 MBA,
Managing Partner, Stromiga Partnership Real Estate Management and Development

Reflections of an Entrepreneur's Journey

Apr 25

Frank DeCosta III '85 EE, '86 MEng EE,
Partner, Finnegan Henderson

Protecting Your Intellectual Capital - Patent Law for Engineers

May 2

Gene Samburg '63 EE,
President, Kastley Systems

The Theta Trait and the Successful Entrepreneur