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Spring 2010

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Cornell Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) Sponsored Enterprise Engineering Seminar 

MAE 5949 / ORIE 9100
Spring 2010
(as of 05.3.10)  

Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 p.m., B17 Upson Hall 

Faculty Organizer: John Callister, PhD '96 MAE, 607.255.5545
CEAA Contact: Barbara Batley, 607.255.3895

Date Speaker/Organization Title/Topic
Jan 27
Stephen R. Follett '78 ORIE
President and CEO, Follett Corporation
"Analysis of a Privately Held Manufacturing Company - Strategy and Tactics for Profitable Growth"
Feb 3
Don Spero '61 AEP
General Partner and Co-Founder,  New Markets Venture
"Intellectual Property as a Strategic Imperative"
Feb 10
David Heller '81 MechE
CEO, Heller Industries
"Creative Destruction and Long Term Management of Technology Companies"
Feb 17
Kristin Stahl '92 ORIE
Market Logistics & Demand Planning Manager,Proctor & Gamble Cosmetics
"Program management - Helping to Bring Innovation to market at P&G"
Feb 24
Canceled due to weather Canceled
Mar 3
Carl Accettura '75 MechE
Director, Production & Supply Chain Management Dainippon Smuitomo Pharma America, Inc.
"Global Pharmaceutical Innovation: 'The Long & Winding Road'"
Mar 10
Elizabeth Altman '88 MechE
VP of Business Development, Motorola Mobile Devices
"Trends in Mobile Phones"
Mar 17
Alan Harbitter '78 ENG
CTO, Nortel Government Solutions, Inc.
"Engineering as Training for Business Creation and Corporate Management"
Mar 24
Spring Break No Seminar
Mar 31
Don Morel MS '83 MSE, PhD '84 MSE
President, COO & Chairman, West Pharmaceutical Services
"Engineering Challenges in Pharmaceutical Product Development - Exubera: A Case Study"
Apr 7
Robert Shaw '63 AEP, MS '64 AEP
Founder/President, Arete Corporation
"The Carbon Problem: What Can We Do About It?"
Apr 14
Sandor Kovacs '69 ENG
Professor, Washington University in Saint Louis
"An Engineering Perspective on How the Human Heart Works When it Fills Provides Scientific, Clinical and Commercial (Translational) Benefits"
Apr 21
Kurt Holstein II '82 ORIE
COO, Rosetta Marketing
"Why Engineers are Taking Over Marketing in the 21st Century"
Apr 28
Fred Dinger II '83 MechE
President and CEO, ENTrigue Surgical, Inc.
"Engineers as Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs"
May 5
Douglas Kittenbrink '77 MechE
Retired, Allegheny Technologies, Inc.
"Globalization and Change in the Steel Industry"