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Student Life

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The Cornell Community
At Cornell, we don't separate life and education. At Cornell living is learning. You will be part of a diverse, caring community of 14,000 undergraduate students, plus the faculty, and staff who work together to enhance your growth and success. As a first-year student, you will live on North Campus with about 3,000 fellow freshman and find everything you need right in your neighborhood including the Carol Tatkon Center, active community centers, award-winning dining and cafes, a convenience store, and athletic facilities, (dance studios, basketball and tennis courts, sand volleyball court, bowling alley, swimming pool, outdoor playing fields and extensive state-of-the-art workout areas) to enhance your new life as a student at Cornell. The residence halls on North Campus each has their own vibe—take some time to take a virtual tour. As an upper-level student, you can hone in on the communities you've found and thrive in most. Move to West Campus, a fraternity or sorority, or a co-op. You can even stay on North Campus in a themed residence hall, or venture off-campus to the apartments and rental homes in Collegetown or the greater Ithaca area. With over 1,000 clubs, 37 Division I varsity teams, plus intramural sports and recreations services, there is something for everyone at Cornell. Check out Life at Cornell.

The Cornell Engineering Community
As one of roughly 3,000 undergraduate engineers, you will have access to a top notch professional staff through our Student Services Offices including: Student Advising Office, the Cornell Engineering Career Center, and our award-winning mentoring program Diversity Programs in Engineering. In collaboration, these offices offer the professional resources to help you navigate your way and are a key reason for the 86% 4-year graduation rate our engineers enjoy.

The Ithaca Community
A rich campus life combined with Ithaca’s #1 Best College Town ranking is a winning combination and will keep you intellectually and socially stimulated. Enjoy yourself off campus with great restaurants, music venues, galleries, diverse theatre and museum offerings, and one of the most beautiful college campus settings in the United States!