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Transfer Course Description Submission

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Guidelines for How to Submit Transfer Course Descriptions

As explained on our Requirements page, the content and rigor of the college-level courses you have taken, or are currently taking, are critical to your ability to transition seamlessly into Cornell Engineering programs. For this reason, ALL prospective transfer applicants MUST submit course descriptions for each college-level course they have taken, or are currently enrolled in.

Students seeking transfer are REQUIRED to submit a list of their college-level course descriptions using the official forms linked below. Please use the form of the specific major you are applying to.

Application Deadline is March 15, 2018




TO SUBMIT YOUR COMPLETED FORM, save the file in .doc/.docx or .pdf format with the name "Last Name, First Name - CD", and submit it electronically in one of the following ways:

  • Upload the file using Cornell's supplemental materials form. Complete the required information, select that your application type is "Transfer", and choose the document type of "College course description(s)." Attach your file and click "Submit Documents".
  • E-mail the file as an attachment with the subject line "Transfer Course Descriptions" to

If you are unable to submit your course descriptions electronically, you can: 

  • Fax them to our office at 607.255.0971. Make sure your name and date of birth are on every page.
  • Mail them to our office. Make sure your name and date of birth are clearly labeled on the catalog or packet of descriptions (not just on the envelope) and send them to:

    Engineering Admissions
    Cornell University
    Swanson Center
    102 Hollister Hall
    Ithaca, NY 14853-3501