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Admitted Student FAQs

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Does the College of Engineering offer credit for AP, IB, and A-level scores?

Yes. The College of Engineering routinely offers credit for appropriately high scores on Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate Higher Level (IB), and General Certificate of Education (A-level) examinations. Click here for more details.

Students may also earn credit by taking Cornell Advanced Standing Exam(s) (CASE) during the fall orientation period. CASE exam performance will demonstrate understanding of key subject areas (i.e. calculus, physics, chemistry, and biology) within the framework of the Cornell Engineering curriculum. While these exams are voluntary, they help place students in the appropriate coursework level.


If I'm still waiting to hear from the Office of Financial Aid, when do I need to notify Cornell about whether or not I will accept an offer of admission?

If your financial aid application is complete, your financial aid award should be sent to you within a few days after you receive your acceptance letter. If your package does not arrive within a week of receiving your acceptance letter, call the Office of Financial Aid at 607-255-5145. The deposit deadline for Early Decision is January 19, 2018. All deposit extensions for financial aid reasons are granted by the Office of Financial Aid.

What happens if I receive an outside scholarship? 

As the Office of Financial Aid is notified of outside sources of assistance, they adjust your need-based financial aid. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information on how outside scholarships typically affect financial aid packages.  

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to get my deposit in by the deadline. What should I do? 

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 607-255-5145. All deposit extensions for financial aid reasons are granted by the Office of Financial Aid.

Do I need to submit my final grades to Cornell?  

Yes. Final grades for all admitted students must be reviewed. Your guidance counselor should email your final grade report to: for processing.  

Can an offer of admissions be rescinded if my senior-year grades down? 

Cornell's offer of admission includes the following statement: "Our offer of admission is also contingent upon your satisfactorily completing any school work now in progress, and on your continuing to uphold high standards of character in activities outside the classroom." All enrolling students are required to submit a final high school transcript once they complete their senior year. Each transcript is reviewed to ensure that our enrolling students continued to succeed academically once they received their offers of admission. Students whose performance declined are asked to respond, in writing, with an explanation for the decline in academic performance. Responses are evaluated and a determination is made whether a student will be allowed to enroll, or if his/her offer of admission will be rescinded. The decisions we make in these cases are done thoughtfully, thoroughly, and bearing in mind their impact. This process usually occurs in June and we try to reach decisions as quickly as the process will allow so that students are definitively aware of their status and can plan accordingly.  

As an admitted student, is it possible to switch colleges before arriving on campus? 

No. However, once you have matriculated you can work with the head of advising within your college to plan and navigate a change to another college within Cornell University. Your advisor will be able to help you manage the internal transfer process, but, in the meantime, it may be useful for you to review the Office of Internal Transfer's (ITD) website. The ITD works directly with students interested in transferring from one college to another at Cornell and they will likely become an important resource for you if you decide to apply for internal transfer once you arrive on campus.