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Kessler Fellows Program

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Andy Kessler with 2016 Kessler Fellows


2016 Kessler Fellows


2016 Kessler Fellows at SUMMIT


One-of-a-kind Experience for Entrepreneurial Engineers!
Engaging Entrepreneurial Spirit is what we're all about.

The Kessler Fellows Program offers select junior engineering students a unique year-long experience that combines learning while they are at Cornell and exposure to the startup culture through a summer placement in a company or other entrepreneurial environment.

Eligibility and Selection

Engineering students are eligible to apply during the fall semester of their Junior year. Interviews are conducted before winter break, and Fellowships offered in early December. Fellows are selected by a Program Advisory Board comprised of faculty, academic staff and entrepreneurs.

Financial Support  

Through the generosity of Andrew J. Kessler '80 EE, Fellows receive a cash prize at the conclusion of the spring course "Essentials of Entrepreneurism" and are paid a weekly stipend during their 10-12 week summer placement. In addition, if they are financial aid recipients, a portion of their packaged federal loans may be reduced during their senior year.

Next Steps  

Attend an information session, and apply!  See: program details and the application process.  

For Potential Placement Companies  

To explore the possibility of hosting a Kessler Fellow or to speak with a previous host company partner, contact Kessler Fellows Program Director Tracey Brant, 607-254-6438.