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Workshops and Seminars

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 April 7-8 - American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) St. Lawrence Section Spring Conference 2016


ETEI Workshops Available By Request

  • Introduction to Teaching with Clickers.
  • Creating Advanced Clicker Questions.
  • Making Course Organization Apparent to Students.
  • Adding Active-Learning to Lectures.
  • Creating a Mid-Semester Evaluation Survey.
  • Creating or Redesigning a Course.
  • Using GroupEng to Automate Assigning Students to Groups.
  • Lecture Capture Options.

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New Faculty Workshop Fall 2012 

Past Events

Jan 16-17, 2014 - Workshop on Effective, Efficient Teaching - Moakley House 

April 30th, 2013 - "Lunch and Learn" Workshops: "Selecting Textbooks Chapter by Chapter" and "Online Homework Grading"   


May 8th, 2013 - CAREER Workshop 2013: Writing a CAREER proposal this summer? Come attend our faculty and outreach panel.


Teaching with Technology Lunch - Capturing Content Excerpts, Nov 7th, 2012


Advantages and Strategies in assigning groups. Using GroupEng to automate assigning groups.


ETEI and CTE Workshops January  2012 with Chemical Engineering Professor Emeritus Donald Woods of McMaster University, on student groups, problem solving and critical thinking and project based learning.


ETEI Teaching Workshop Led by Prof. Michael Prince - January 17, 2011on student misconceptions, student engagement and active learning.



Workshop:  Active Learning Applied to Teaching Statistics, May 2010


Seminars and Lunch with Dr. Harry Lewis, computer science professor at Harvard. February 25, 2010

  • "Excellence Without a Soul:"  A conversation with Harry Lewis About Undergraduate Education
  • "Dilemmas of Privacy and Knowledge"


ETEI Teaching Workshop, January 2010


ETEI Teaching Workshop, January 2009


2008 Wieman Lunch Discussion