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Services for Faculty

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One of the primary missions of the James McCormick Family Teaching Excellence Institute (MTEI) is to work collaboratively with individual faculty to improve courses and teaching at Cornell.

Individual Consultations

  • Discussion of teaching strategies for a new or existing course
  • It isn't working – now what?
  • Syllabus – a tool to head off problems
  • Exams – the little things that make exams go smoothly
  • Lectures - adding active learning activities

New Faculty Assistance

  • Getting started teaching

Mid-Semester Evaluations

  • Design, implementation, interpretation


  • Writing student learning outcomes
  • Assessment of student learning outcomes
  • Data collection planning
  • Analysis assistance

Grant Proposals

Classroom Observations

  • Implementing active learning in the engineering classroom
  • Clickers – using the technology, writing questions
  • Classroom observations and feedback
  • Videotape your class, feedback discussion

Engineering Teaching Innovations and Experiments

  • Experimental Design
  • Measuring Effectiveness
  • Resources
  • Workshops

What else would be useful to you? The MTEI is a growing program based on faculty input.

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