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Teaching Tips

in this section

In This Section:

Teaching tips and references for specific teaching topics are sorted by topic and accessed through the appropriate tabs.  

A few tips:  

  • Creating a careful grading rubric for large classes increases accuracy and consistency in TA grading and reduces in student’ grading complaints.
  • Human focus and attention drifts after ~ 15 minutes, lectures are 50 or 75 minutes. Impedance matching is required. Insert active learning components every 10-20 minutes to re-energize students' focus.
  • Clickers and/or active learning engage all students in answering, not just a few up front
  • An informal mid-semester evaluation can catch problems and allow you to correct them before they show up on official evaluations
  • Teaching is more than lecturing. A class can “fail” from poor lectures, poor assignments, or poor organization.
  • Not on the board = not in the student’s notes. Write key structuring words and reasoning on the board or your slides.