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Coauthored METEI Papers

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  • Confident or Overconfident: Changes in the self-reported confidence levels of new teaching assistants pre- and post-training. Linda J. Tompkins, Kathryn Dimiduk Link

  • Games in Recitation: Increasing Student Engagement While Teaching Mass and Energy Balances in Chemical Engineering.Wanda D. Jones, Susan Daniel, Kathryn Dimiduk.Link

  • Integrating Communication Skills and Fostering Collaboration in the Mass and Energy Balances Course with Team Activities. Susan Daniel, Kathryn Dimiduk. Link

  • Effectively Assign Student Groups by Applying Multiple User-prioritized Academic and Demographic Factors Using a New Open Source Program, GroupEng. Thomas G. Dimiduk, Kathryn C. Dimiduk. Link

  • Helping Students Approach FEA Simulations like Experts. Kathryn Dimiduk, Rajesh Bhaskaran, Haolin Zhu, Yingxin Gao.Link

  • Applying mass balances to alcohol metabolism: a team project that applies fundamental chemical engineering skills to biotechnology. Allen Young, Kathryn Dimiduk, Susan Daniel.Link

  • Using the Matlab-based iRobot Create Simulator to Engage Introductory Computer Programming Students in Program Development and Observing Computational Errors. K.-Y. Daisy Fan, Kathryn Dimiduk. Link