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MathWorks Grant

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In This Section:

MathWorks (the makers of MATLAB and Simulink) has the Curriculum Development program as part of their Investments in Education Social Mission. With this program they hope to support educational institutions that are committed to using MATLAB, Simulink and Model-Based Design to explore teaching and learning innovations at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Support is given to select education institutions on an annual basis. In year 2011, Cornell University and other educational institutions were invited to submit proposals for the creation of innovative lab curricula in biomedical engineering, bioengineering, and robotics applications that integrated MathWorks software. Here is the Request for Proposal Invitation and the Curriculum Development Application for 2011.


Contact for Cornell:

Past Cornell Winners:

2011. Cameron Salzberger (MAE), K-Y Daisy Fan (CS) and Hadas Kress-Gazit (MAE). MATLAB-based Simulator for the iRobot Create.