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Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Grants Program

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The Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Grant Program is designed to support faculty efforts in exploring innovations in teaching and course design. With generous support from the Menschel Presidential Discretionary Fund, the CTE will award $1,500 to five tenured or tenure-track faculty members for projects beginning in Spring 2012. All grant recipients will share the results of their grant projects through a CTE-sponsored faculty seminar upon the completion of the project. 


It is a new university wide competition that addresses instructional challenges such as:


Up-scaling of class sizes,                                                                                  

Reduced TA support,                                                                                            

The need to evaluate the impact of instructional technology,

Usage and efforts to comply with Middle States accreditation standards.

Past Winners:

2011 - Marc Miller, Lecturer: Landscape Architecture- Use of fabriation technology to teach digital modeling as part of the design process.


2010 - Cynthia Reinhart-King, Associate Professor: Department of Biomedical Engineering—Digital Ink in the Classroom: Interactive, Electronic Lectures. 

2009 - R. Bruce Van Dover, Materials Science and Engineering - Experiential Learning for Freshmen: a new experiential learning course that will specifically explore how new materials can increase our energy supply and decrease consumption.