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Becoming a TA Development Consultant

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What is a TA Development Consultant?

Applications are accepted in the Spring semester.

Graduate TA Development Consultants in the College of Engineering are experienced, enthusiastic, and high motivated engineering graduate students who play a key teaching role in the Engineering TA Development Program for graduate and undergraduate students. This par-time position requires an average of 6 hours per week, with a higher number of hours during weeks that the TA Development program offered. These hours will primarily be worked during mid-June through mid-September for the Fall semester, and from early January through mid-February for the Spring semester. This position may be held concurrently with other TA or Research Assistant appointments.

What do TA Development Consultants do?

TA Development Consultants are involved from start to finish in the Engineering TA Development program. In addition to serving as role models and resources for newly appointed TAs in the College, they also do the following:

  • Develop and co-facilitate workshops to prepare new TAs for their roles in working with students;
  • Learn innovative teaching methods;
  • Receive training in workshop facilitation;
  • Conduct microteaching sessions;
  • Share ideas and work cooperatively