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TA Development

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Teaching assistants in the College of Engineering are an important part of a teaching and learning continuum, which adds progressive options to the "top down" model of higher education. The awareness is growing that we can learn from our peers and that we all have knowledge to share. By giving TAs a sophisticated understanding of how human learning occurs as well as rigorous training in administrative management responsibilities, we are creating a pool of talent that enriches the pedagogical life of the college.

All new TAs in the College of Engineering must complete the TA Development Program as a condition for receiving certification (and stipend). In addition, TAs may also receive credit for their successful participation in the one-credit Teaching Seminar, ENGRG 6780. This seminar, offered by Engineering Learning Initiatives as an enhancement to the TA Development Program is taught by the Associate Director of Engineering Learning Initiatives, aims to upgrade teachers’ skills, increase teaching standards, and improves student-learning outcomes through formative discussion and reflective writing.

Within the college, 200 to 250 TAs are certified each year. The engineering training programs are conducted twice a year, once each in the fall and spring semesters.