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Sonny Yau '72

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Sonny Yau is the chief executive officer of Yen Sheng Factory Ltd., a manufacturer of handbags and small leather goods, with the bulk of production from its plants in Guangdong Province, China. The company’s products are sold mainly to the United States, United Kingdom, and Italy. Mr. Yau is also the chairman of Ever Credit Consumer Corporation Ltd., a consumer finance company that operates in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.

"My pleasant experience at Cornell has benefited me greatly throughout my career. Some of my professors were able to make subjects that were not interesting to me in the beginning become very interesting, and such experiences affected my choice of field concentration. Therefore, I have a very personal interest in supporting the teaching awards program and want to give back to Cornell in appreciation for what the university has given me. It is both important and beneficial to students that professors value teaching ability no less than research ability." —Sonny T. Yau ’72 OR

Mr. Yau, a 1972 graduate of the School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, has supported the Cornell Fund for Architecture, the Cornell Club of Hong Kong Scholarship Fund, the Class of 1972 Scholarship Fund, the John Hopcroft Fellowship Fund, and the Hong Kong Alumni and Friends Scholarship for students from China. The Sonny Yau ’72 Fund supports two teaching awards for the College of Engineering.

Mr. Yau, his wife, Cecilia, and his two children reside in Hong Kong.