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Michael Tien '72

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Michael Puk Sun Tien received his M.B.A. from Harvard in 1974. After working for Macy’s in New York City for five years, he returned to Hong Kong to start a chain of fashion stores. Mr. Tien is now the owner and chairman of the G-2000 stores and U-2 stores, upscale clothing stores with 70 outlets in Hong Kong and more than 700 others in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Middle East. The production end of the business is Generation 2000 (Sportswear) Ltd.

"Because I’m in retail, I’m very involved with customer service, and that got me interested in educational issues in the local community. That’s how it all got started. I visited Cornell 20 or 25 years after I graduated and had a chat with Bill Streett [dean of engineering at the time]. I told him I’d like to do something that would encourage excellent teaching, and he also was a strong believer in that. After we set up the teaching award fund, John Hopcroft became dean. He liked the teaching awards idea so much he wanted to build on it, and I was quite excited about that. It would not have been possible for this program to evolve into what it is now without John’s commitment." —Michael P. Tien ’72 EE

Mr. Tien has been an energetic volunteer for Cornell in Hong Kong, hosting events for Cornell deans and faculty members and for former Cornell President Rhodes and Mrs. Rhodes during their travels to Asia. His gift played an essential role in the realization of the Frank and Rosa Rhodes Professorship of Chinese Government.

When Mr. Tien established the Tien Fund for Excellence in Teaching in 1993, his gift was the impetus for establishing the teaching awards program.

Mr. Tien is married to Frances K. Tien, and they have four children.