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Fiona Ip Li '78 and Donald Li '75

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Donald Li went to medical school in Hong Kong after graduating with a B.A. degree from Cornell in 1975. He was qualified in 1980 and has been trained as a family physician. Dr. Li has a special interest in the training, continuous education, assessment, and quality assurance of family physicians in Hong Kong. He is an examiner of the Hong Kong and Australian Conjoint Family Medicine Fellowship Examination and is currently the president of the Hong Kong College of General Practitioners/Family Physicians. He has served on Hong Kong’s Medical Council (governing body of all doctors) and Licentiate Committee since 1992. He is a council member of St. John’s Ambulance of Hong Kong and is also a member of the advisory standing committee of language and research of the Hong Kong government. Dr. Li established a health-care club in Shanghai, China, providing members with quality health care through quality-assured local family doctors in Shanghai who had been trained by him.  

"A good university education provides us with the proper foundation on which to build our careers. It is the gateway to continuous learning and training for the rest of our lives. Cornell is a university that takes pride in providing quality education for students. The teaching awards program is one means of assuring and encouraging the maintenance of such high quality." —Fiona Ip Li ’78 and Donald Li ’75  

Dr. Li is married to Fiona Ip Li, a 1978 graduate of the College of Engineering. As an undergraduate, Mrs. Li chose to create a specially tailored interdisciplinary course of study. This program is designed for students whose educational objectives cannot be met by the regular field programs; students develop their individual curriculum in consultation with faculty advisers. 

Dr. and Mrs. Li have three children: Benjamin and twin brothers, Harold and Andrew. Benjamin earned his degree from the College of Arts and Sciences Class in 2007.