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Student Teams

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Students put their innovation and project management skills to the test in a variety of teams focused on cutting edge technology and practice. A sampling of groups are listed below. For a complete list, visit the teams page.

  • The Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team is a multidisciplinary group of students who work together to build robotic submarines.
  • Cornell Automotive X Prize team is composed of more than 45 undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members. The team’s goal is to design, build, manage, race, and sell a fuel-efficient 100 mpg automobile.
  • Cornell Minesweeper is a multi-disciplinary student-initiated effort to design and fabricate a low-cost, autonomous robotic vehicle to accurately detect landmines and facilitate their clearance.
  • Engineers for a Sustainable World is a student group, founded at Cornell in 2001 and now represented at over 60 campuses nationwide, which addresses critical global challenges such as safe drinking water, food security, energy needs, and information technology.
  • The Solar Decathlon team designs and builds a fully functional and architecturally sound house running completely off solar power.