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Toward New Destinations

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Toward New Destinations provides a broad institutional framework for diversity, asserting the centrality of diversity and inclusion to the university's values and excellence. Cornell's diversity plan is based on the recognition that education, research, knowledge production, and operational and academic pursuits are enhanced through full and reciprocal engagement among diverse perspectives, life experiences, and modes of knowledge creation and interpretation. Toward New Destinations is thus designed to promote the pursuit of excellence through support for the core values provided in Cornell's institutional commitment of "Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds."

Supporting four core principles:

  1. COMPOSITION refers to the demographic make-up
  2. ENGAGEMENT reflects personal, social, and professional commitment to institutional goals and activities; retention
  3. INCLUSION comprises climate and interpersonal relations; climate
  4. ACHIEVEMENT reflects levels of attainment for underrepresented individuals or groups; opportunities

College of Engineering Diversity and Inclusion

Towards New Destinations requires each College within Cornell to decide on their top 5 diversity initiatives each year, as well as include a process for assessing and measuring progress towards these goals.The College of Engineering's Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) played an active role in developing the college's key initiatives, which are as follows.

Engineering 2014-15 Initiatives:

Composition: Faculty
Advance a series of measures that will enable the college to increase the number of URM and women faculty in the College of Engineering.

Composition, Engagement and Achievement:  Graduate & Professional Students
Progress a set of coordinated programs to recruit URM Ph.D. students, to support their engagement and achievement and their transition into the professional and academic workforce.

Achievement:  Undergraduate Students
Progress a series of research proven interventions with the goal of increasing the retention rate of URM and first generation undergraduates in the college of engineering to a rate equal to the overall student population

Engagement & Inclusion:  Tenure-Track Faculty, Academic and Non-Academic Staff
Host all staff and faculty events centered on raising awareness and improving multicultural competency and communication across differences to build intercultural skills and promote mutual understanding, respect, and positive interaction between and among identity groups.

Engagement & Inclusion:  Graduate Students
Expand graduate student orientation of Ph.D. students using interactive theater to bring an awareness of impacts of micro-aggressions, implicit bias, stereotype threat, and tokenism. Help enable Ph.D. student to serve as agents of positive change in the engineering learning environment.

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