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VIDEO: 'Sit With Me'

Cornell University, in partnership with Bloomberg, brought an iconic 'Sit With Me' red chair onto campus and welcomed participants to sit and share their story. 'Sit With Me' exists to inspire women in computing and IT, to embrace women's perspectives, and to recognize the value of women's technical contributions. You can watch the video here

"Sit With Me is about not standing for anything less than women's full participation in technology, computer science, and engineering. Cornell is proud to be a partner with Sit With Me and bring attention to why it is critically important for girls and women to be fully engaged in engineering, computer science, and technology career pathways. Without the full participation of women in these fields, we are never going to arrive at our most innovative and exciting solutions to some of our greatest challenges that exist within society. At it's core, Sit With Me is about making everyone part of the process. The future of technology, engineering, and computer science rests on our ability to do just that - to make everyone part of the process. And we look forward to a future where we can realize these goals." 

Learn more about Sit With Me and the red chair at

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