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Watch the GE Technical Women’s Leadership Panel

The discussion focused on the unique challenges women may face in the workplace and successful strategies to navigate them More

NYC Plans on 'Morning Joe'

MSNBC: Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Cornell President David Skorton joined Morning Joe December 20, 2011 to discuss the NYC Tech Campus. More

Obama cites DPE's mentoring

President Barack Obama cited Cornell's Diversity Programs in Engineering among the four individuals and four other organizations to receive the 2011 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring. More

Stanford and Cornell favored for NYC engineering school With less than two weeks left to apply in the competition for $400 million in land and subsidies to build a science and engineering graduate school in New York City, some of the world’s great universities continue to change plans and jockey for position, and there is a growing view among them that Cornell and Stanford have emerged as the favorites. More

A Lucky, Viral Break

As the deadline nears for Bloomberg's tech campus, Cornell catches a lucky, viral break. More

Race is on to build applied sciences campus

Schools go all out to extend their programs. More

Dean Lance Collins

CU's first African-American dean More

Faculty Diversity

A richer environment More

Alumni Reunion 2011

Then. Now. Always. Cornell More

Visit the Clean Room

Virtual tours on the E-Quad More

Kill Drill

Emeritus professor's company aids at BP disaster More

Launched at Last

Hitching a ride on Endeavour More

Alumni Reunion 2011

Then. Now. Always. Cornell More

CU Spinoff

Therapy for horses More

Manifest Destiny

CUSat Set to Launch More

Cornell 100+ MPG team in Green Grand Prix

ESPN radio interview with team members at Watkins Glen International Speedway. More

David Croll '70 CE

Faculty Renewal Initiative More

When We Search the Web

Algorithms and information More

Message of Condolence

Remembering Walter Lynn More

Paul McEuen

His debut thriller novel "Spiral" is set on the Cornell campus and involves biological weapons, robotics, and fungi. More


Sustainable water treatment systems More

Evolutionary Robotics

Machines designing machines? More

Fascinated by Physics

Undergraduate research in AEP More

New Home for Physical Sciences

Enhancing interdisciplinary research More

Xiling Shen

Using engineering principles to understand biological systems and create new ones. More

Noah Snavely

Noah Snavely has found a way to stitch images into an interactive viewing experience. More

Earth is getting dustier

The amount of dust has doubled over the last century. More

How to make a trillion dollars

James Altucher '89 explains how failure can bring success. More

Brandon Hencey

Brandon Hencey is helping to make buildings more energy efficient. More

Salman Avestimehr

Salman Avestimehr answers questions like "How much information can a wireless network transmit?" More

Peter Frazier

Peter Frazier solves information collection problems. He is working with researchers at Georgetown University to find a drug that can stop Ewing's sarcoma from metastasizing. More

David Bindel

By modeling MEMS, David Bindel is helping circuit designers integrate other mechanical components important for signal processing into chip production. More

Hadas Kress-Gazit

Hadas Kress-GazitHadas Kress-Gazit wants to know how to make robots do what they are supposed to. More

Delphine Gourdon

Delphine Gourdon looks to nature as her guide when developing materials to improve the human condition. More

Ashutosh Saxena

Ashutosh Saxena teaches robots to operate autonomously in new, uncertain environments. More

Graphene Grains

Graphene sheets are atomic patchwork quilts. More

Universal robotic gripper

Researchers develop universal robotic gripper. More

Christopher Hernandez

If you get some cracks in the bone, some cells will come in and repair it. That‰s how we think most of us can survive our whole lives without ever breaking a bone. More

Christopher Batten

What I'm trying to do is create a true general-purpose data-parallel unit. I want to tightly integrate these two pieces so that it's one elegant whole, not two pieces bolted together. More

Nate Foster

It's fun to take something complicated and understand it by breaking it down into things you understand. More

Calling on Cornell Curiousity

Students find energy-saving solutions for Verizon. More

Craig Fennie

Craig Fennie investigates how architecture determines the multifunctional properties of inorganic materials. More

David Muller

David Muller receives Provost's Award for Distinguished Scholarship. More

Leadership Laboratory

A primer on systems engineering More