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Welcome to David Goldberg

Goldberg’s work is in applied probability, with a focus on topics including inventory and queueing models, combinatorial optimization, robust optimization, and multi-arm bandits. More

Welcome Mahsa Shoaran

Shoaran’s Neuroengineering Lab at Cornell brings together circuit design, machine learning, and neuroscience in an effort to achieve her long-held goal of helping people who are suffering. More

Welcome to Chris De Sa

Chris De Sa’s work is focused on improving the performance of machine learning (ML) applications by addressing issues in algorithms, software, and hardware. More

Welcome to Mert Sabuncu

The Sabuncu Lab conducts research in the field of biomedical data analysis, in particular imaging, with an application emphasis on neuroscience and neurology. More

Welcome Anil Damle

Damle is excited to have joined the faculty at Cornell. “There are strong people here in so many fields, and Cornell has the infrastructure to support collaborations across campus.” More

Welcome Esteban Gazel

“I work on fundamental processes,” says Gazel, “and in that way I can help fill in the big picture of how the Earth works. Just as importantly, I am helping to put skilled students with critical minds out in the world. I really want to inspire the next generation of geoscientists.” More

Welcome Solon Barocas

Solon Barocas, assistant professor in the Department of Information Science at Cornell, wants to shine a light on some of the ethical concerns that arise from human reliance on Artificial Intelligence. More

Welcome Yadong Wang

Yadong Wang has joined the Meinig School as professor of heart-assist technology. Wang's research focuses on creating biomaterials that present controlled chemical, physical, and mechanical signals to cells, tissues and organs, with the goal of controlling how the human body interacts with these materials. More

Welcome Bharath Hariharan

"I got interested in computer vision as an undergrad. I started to see that what was a simple, unconscious process for most humans was incredibly difficult for computers." More

Xiangkun (Elvis) Cao presents research at New York Academy of Sciences

“Application of Smartphone Technology in Food Safety” at the Journey Through Science Day in New York City on September 18th. More