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Kimball Hall

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Update on Kimball Renovation 2-9-15

Kimball Hall Renovation Newsletter 2-9-15

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Project Updates
as of 2-9-15
Curtain wall installation continues
Drywall installation continues
3rd Floor priming and painting continues
East stair tower frames corridor demolition continues

Project Look Ahead
as of 2-9-15
Welding 3rd floor beam stiffeners begins
Curtain wall installation complete
East stair tower frames corridor installation complete
Estimated Project Completion
July 2015

Update on Kimball Hall Renovation 6-6-14

Project Description:
Fully renovate research space in Kimball 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors for near term use by new faculty hires in Biomedical Engineering (BME), Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), Material Science and Engineering (MSE), and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), who need wet labs.  As other space is developed as a more permanent location for the BME faculty, these labs will allow longer term wet lab and hybrid lab expansion space for other departments. 
This project also includes improvements to Duffield, Rhodes, and Upson to provide swing space for current occupants of Kimball.   

Project Status: 
The project was awarded to LeChase Construction Services for the renovation of levels 2-4 of Kimball Hall.  Authorization for construction has been approved by the Board of Trustee's.  The full renovation on levels 2-4 will be starting the week of June 9th, 2014 with site mobilization.  The renovation will include the interior as well as the replacement of the windows and roof.  The renovation of the upper levels of Kimball Hall will provide additional wet lab space for the College of Engineering to support expanding programs and new faculty hires. This project is designed to achieve LEED Gold Certification.

Approvals to Date:      FPC               B&P    

Project Plan                 Oct 12             Oct 12

Design/Bid Phase        Oct 12             Oct 12

Design                         Sep 13             Oct 13

Construction               Apr 14             May 14

Kimball Hall Renovation Project Milestones:

A/E Selection              Nov 12              Feb 13

Schematic Design        Mar 13              Jul 13

DD, CD & Bid             Jul 13                Apr 14

Construction                 Jun 14               Jun 15


Project Team:

Project Manager:  Melissa Baldassarre

Construction Manager: Pat Conrad

Architect: Payette Associates

Contractor: LeChase Construction Services


Kimball Hall Floor Plans Level 2 and 3

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Previous Update On Kimball Hall:

Among a number of identified projects, the renovation of levels 2, 3 and 4 of Kimball Hall consisting of approximately 16,500 SF, was identified as the best and most economical option to provide a highly integrated wet bench research environment to be utilized by various departments to meet the both near and longer term needs of the College.

 In order to renovate Kimball Hall, the current occupants on those floors will need to be relocated. The goal is to identify comparable space in adjacent buildings that can support their needs.

In April a study was launched to find suitable locations within the College of Engineering footprint for either permanent or temporary locations for the Kimball occupants and to develop an accurate and comprehensive scope of work for the relocation / swing space phase of the Kimball Hall project.

You may notice our project team along with the consultants, looking at space in various buildings.  We have had a number of visitors to our buildings for similar purposes recently or planned; along with the College space study, we have visits for a University space study, annual fire safety inspections, research area inspections, a systems improvement study in Rhodes Hall, energy initiative planning in various buildings, annual facility assessments, and others. The field visits for the Kimball relocation / swing space study will continue till the end of June. We appreciate your continued cooperation during these activities. 

A Request for Proposal for the design phase of the Kimball Hall renovation project is currently being drafted. Construction in levels two, three and four is expected to begin on Kimball in September 2013, with an estimated completion in mid-2014.


 Kimball Hall Renovation Project Milestones:

Swing Space / Relocation Study                    July 2012

Early Moves                                                  July 2012

Schematic Design RFP                                   August 2012

Relocation Design                                           October 2012

Relocation Bid                                                November 2012

Relocation Construction                                 January 2013

Kimball Renovation Design                            November 2012

Kimball Renovation Bid                                 December 2012

Kimball Hall Construction                              Dec 2013

Current Kimball Non-Class Lab Research Current Kimball Faculty Office Weill Hall Non-Class Lab Research (what we envision)
Kimball Hall proposed floor plan
Kimball Hall proposed floor plan