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Facilities Renovations

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The College of Engineering recently completed a Space Study / Facility Renovation Plan to identify space needs and facility renovations to support the College Strategic Plan.  The Space Study / Facility Renovation Plan:

  • Assessed current space utilization and physical condition of the College's facilities.
  •  Identified opportunities to enhance, maintain or improve the built environment in a way that facilitates research, learning, student development, and scholarship.
  • Provided criteria and guidelines for College improvements and facilities development that supports academic mission and strategic vision.
  • Considered current and future College program uses to identify strategies for renovation, rehabilitation, modernization and conversion.
  • Guided the College in identifying, prioritizing, and structuring future project requests for capital funding.
  • Addressed the projected capital facilities improvement needs of the College for a 10 year period.

Specific Project Pages

Kimball Hall Project

Gates Hall Website

Renovation Update 9-18-2013

The Board of Trustees granted permission last week to begin designing a full renovation of Upson Hall. The largest in the college's facilities master plan, this project will provide flexible classrooms, modern labs, and other improvements. This first step will re-imagine the facades of the older buildings around the Pew Engineering Quad and develop documents for the phased renovation of Upson Hall. Proposals have been received from ten national architectural and engineering teams and selection will take place to allow design to begin in October.    The Kimball Hall renovation design development drawings are currently in review with completion of final construction documents expected by the end of the calendar year. This project will renovate former wind tunnel space in Upson Hall for use by relocated labs and new faculty while Kimball is under renovation. This space will then be tied to the new buildings systems provided in the Upson renovation. Floor plans are finalized and development of energy saving approaches is well underway.   Site selection for the proposed biomedical engineering building continues. Identifying a site will allow fundraising to proceed. The proposed new BME undergraduate program and increasingly complex research requirements are the major drivers for this project. Additional sites and approaches are being considered. We are now working toward a final approval of a site before the end of January.   The Hollister Hall environmental lab infrastructure upgrade has been completed and CEE has begun to use the space. IPD Engineering from Syracuse was selected and has begun design on the Geochemistry Clean Room in Snee Hall for use by EAS faculty.

Renovation Update 5-1-2013

The college has selected Boston architectural design firm Payette was selected for the Kimball Hall renovation design. Payette specializes in technologically and programmatically complex buildings for science and healthcare and completed the space study/renovation plan last year that informed the college's facilities master plan. Mechanical/electrical consultants ME Engineering from Rochester, who have worked in college buildings on energy studies and other recent projects, are on the Payette team. Enabling projects to support relocation and swing space for current Kimball occupants, as well as new occupants are underway. A draft schedule has been developed for the initial stages of a full renovation of Upson Hall leading to approval and start of a six-month feasibility study by July. A one-month study is underway to inform site selection for new construction needed to support the proposed Biomedical Engineering undergraduate program. Campus Master Plan sites in the Hoy Green (Engineering Quad) and East Center areas are under consideration. Site selection should help us seek philanthropy for this proposed new building. Construction for the environmental lab infrastructure upgrade on the second level of Hollister Hall has begun and requests for proposals for design of the renovation of the Snee Geochemistry Clean Room are out to five specialty engineering design firms.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Bill Bader

Director, Facilities


Project Team

College Project Manager: Bill Bader

Project Executive:  Robert Stundtner

Project Manager:  Melissa Baldassarre

Primary Consultant:  Payette

Study Consultant: M/E Engineering