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Student Spotlight

Adam Mendrela

  • Affiliation: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.

"You will find yourself being challenged a lot. The more you want out of Cornell, the more work you have to put into it." read more

Aldo Garcia

  • Affiliation: ECE
  • Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Aldo Garcia transferred to Cornell from Canada College in San Francisco, with a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship. read more

Alex Gorenstein

  • Affiliation: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Hometown: Nyack, N.Y.

I can learn new things and meet new people every day which is always a bonus. read more

Alida Perez Fodich

  • Affiliation: EAS
  • Hometown: Chile

Alida Perez Fodich was born in the mining town of Chuquicamata, Chile, located more than 9000 feet high in the Andes. She lived there until she was ten years old, and then moved with her family to Santiago read more

Alyssa Henning

  • Affiliation: Biological and Environmental Engineering
  • Hometown: Bakersfield, Calif.

"It's very challenging, but I like that, too. But working hard is how you learn the most. If it's easy, I'm not learning that much." read more

Amanda Bares

  • Affiliation: BME

For Amanda Bares’ first summer job after high school she cleaned laser components at the company where her father worked as an electrical engineer. Now, as a Ph.D. student in Cornell’s Nancy E. and Peter C. Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering (BME), Bares is building her own technologically advanced piece of scientific equipment. read more

Amanda Kushner

  • Affiliation: Operations Research
  • Hometown: Austin, Texas

"I know the past 50 years of Cornell history .... Those were like my bedtime stories growing up." read more

Andrea Bowring

  • Affiliation: Materials Science and Engineering
  • Hometown: Merion, Pa.

"I wanted a great engineering school but one that was contained in a full-service university." read more

Austin Hopp Study Abroad

  • Affiliation: Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) at Cornell
  • Hometown: California

Austin Hopp liked studying abroad so much, he did it twice. read more

Bhaskar Garg, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '10

  • Hometown: Salem, N.H.

"Compared to the other places, I felt more at home at Cornell." read more